Friday, December 6, 2013


This piece is a self portait.  I focused on the theme up close and personal.  My topic was abstraction, and my media was chalk pastel.  I chose this media because it creates great contrast between colors and the background as well.  On this piece i wanted to create something that went from a normal picture into broken up colors and shapes, or abstraction.  This represents what a person is made up of, more personally all the things that make me up. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Frutos de la vida

In this piece i am portraying my grandparents and their relationship.  During their life they accomplished alot of things and are still able to look at each other this way.  Certain aspects of the piece represent my family as well.  I added three pieces of newspaper to emphasize the point that they had three daughters, one of them being my mother.  Also, i added the popping colors in the background to symbolize fruit, as the piece is named 'frutos de la vida', fruits of life.  I used cut paper to portray my grandparents.  I focused on space, as i wanted to fill the space with colors and textures to make a more unified piece.  Also, my theme was to layer it on, which is why I went from the bottom to the top.