Friday, December 6, 2013


This piece is a self portait.  I focused on the theme up close and personal.  My topic was abstraction, and my media was chalk pastel.  I chose this media because it creates great contrast between colors and the background as well.  On this piece i wanted to create something that went from a normal picture into broken up colors and shapes, or abstraction.  This represents what a person is made up of, more personally all the things that make me up. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Frutos de la vida

In this piece i am portraying my grandparents and their relationship.  During their life they accomplished alot of things and are still able to look at each other this way.  Certain aspects of the piece represent my family as well.  I added three pieces of newspaper to emphasize the point that they had three daughters, one of them being my mother.  Also, i added the popping colors in the background to symbolize fruit, as the piece is named 'frutos de la vida', fruits of life.  I used cut paper to portray my grandparents.  I focused on space, as i wanted to fill the space with colors and textures to make a more unified piece.  Also, my theme was to layer it on, which is why I went from the bottom to the top.

Monday, October 28, 2013


As a little kid one always looks at peoples actions and turn them into symbols as objects, or things.  In my childhood i characterized myself as a watcher, or bystander.  As my grandma, my great grandma or my mother would cook, i would observe what they made, not for content, but to know what is on the menu.  One thing i always noticed they did, no matter what foor they were preparing, was chop onions.  Onions turned to a symbol of not only food, but the women in my family that i looked up to.  In this picture i depict the onions on a cutting board. Using watercolor layering as a wet media and sharpie as my dry, i tried to show the different layers in the onions to make them look realistic.  I also used the placing of the onions for focus and movement throughout the piece.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Back to life

I had seen on the list of topics, and i saw one that really interested me, patterns.  As i had worked with wood pattern before i had thought to make wood pattern into a sculpture, a newspaper sculpture.  This brought along the idea that paper comes from wood, not the other way around.  However, i had a chance to flip that statement.  I had taken newspaper and layered it on, not only flat, but in circles and ovals to give it the same shape of the wood grain.  Later i cut the sides off the newspapers to make a more solid block, which also portrayed the pattern better.  I used a block of wood as the base and top of the sculpture, these two pieces were stained to give a more uniform look to my project.  Although this was the first idea in my mind, i saw one of the sides of newspaper that looked like a great piece and chose not to throw it away.  I erected this piece over the top of the block, creating more movement, and a tree-like piece on top of my project.  All in all the hard work i put into this sculpture made a piece i was more than pleased with.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


For this painting i chose the idea of having different dimensions within one painting.  These dimensions were representing different times during the day, during life, which can impact a person.  This shows a negative impact towards a person.  The focal point was the character in the painting, portrayed in ink and white paper. The topic i had chosen for this project was distortion, as i wanted to distort the ambient around the person, not only with the different hues of coloration throughout the trees, but how i made the leaves as well. This is also how I made my character, without portraying her realistically, but more as an outcast that only connected with her surroundings in little ways.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Bojangles Fish

This side project was a project to be done from a found object.  I had found a Bojangle's wrapper on the trash.  I folded it like a fish, added a background and some details to the fish. This created a childlike picture portraying a fish.

Monday, September 23, 2013


For this piece, i wanted to show perspective, with heavy and bold buildings, with a background of the universe.  This picture symbolizes a parents dreams and ambitions for a kid when he grows up, to make it personal i chose a piece with my mom and my brother as he is carried on her shoulders.  I started with a piece of cardboard, put a layer of newspaper over it, drew the buildings, and cut oit a layer from the cardboard.  Later I drew the details in with sharpie. I made the bold parts highlited with white acrylic, and the dark parts with black for contrast.  The people were made with ink and water.  The background was made with acrylic as well.


This is the process of making my first project for art 4.  During this process i started out with coloring lightly, then went heavy with the coloring afterwards, using crayons.  The whole idea was to use complementary colors as the whiter and darker parts of the picture.  As there are different colors throughout the picture, with the dress, the skin of my grandma, as well as her hair, i had to change the color scheme. I used green and red for the hair, faded it with every color in between, the face and skin with orange and blue, highlited it with red, and purple for the dress. Then the background idea was some grid-like lines, and later, after a second look, decided to fade from blue to white in order to even out from the bright orange of the skin.